About Us


 Founder James Watkins M.M.R

  • Southern New Hampshire University Class of ’17-Masters in Marketing (Cum Laude Honors)
  • Southern New Hampshire University – Masters in Leadership- completes fall of ’18
  • Sacred Heart University -Bachelors in Accounting

James Watkins started the Marketing firm New Influence in 2012. It’s sole purpose was to assist business firms in reaching revenue goals in a challenging environment. Teaching how to create a plan that earns the highest return on investment. At the age of 33, James Watkins is using his 10 years plus of working inexperience in the fields of Finance, Economics and Marketing to create change and improve business models.

The business edge that New Influence, LLC brings to the marketing industry is a diverse business perspective in the world of marketing. He prepossesses talents that bridges the game of marketing creativity and economical analytical skills sets. Also, his experience of growing up in the digital age provides insight in the minds of the younger generations. If you are looking for great market research then New Influence, LLC is the place to start.

In efforts to create a business that truly defined James Watkins personal passions of self-empowerment and equality for all. The Millennial Social-Economical Partnership blog has launched on Feb. 12 2018. Its purpose is to promote the importance of social equality for all. It’s a global problem facing the world and must be address by bother employees and business owners. If people can’t experience fair treatment and hope for a better future then the world is not evolving as a whole. If you are a social responsible business your contributions will be included in New Influence, LLC partnership to fight social and economical social inequality.