Will Black Panther’s cross the 1 Billion dollars in Revenue? How do we leverage this for more Black Ownership?

Great News! An African American film has the chance to shock the world. After, the #OscarSoWhite campaign, next year is looking bright for blacks in Hollywood. The movie has already cracked 200 million dollars of revenue in the first week. It has made more than 30 million dollars in Asian markets. Now, if they can convince China to buy, then it should crack 1 Billion in sales. It awesome that we can go to the big screen and watch movies that resemble “US”. I have a young black daughter and she is growing up in a world where being black is becoming more accepted by the masses. We are producing more black movies both kid and adult. Also, the directors and actors of these movies are black so its a win/win. But, are we being exploited. Will corporations start using this success to push more products down our throats. Will we get distracted about the inequalities that we still face? Well, for one thing Marval is owned by Walt-Disney and when I checked out the board and exectutive team of 70 people, not to my surprise I only see one brother. We need to at least get one sister on the board make it a cool 1 percent of management. I think its great that we are producing but we need to be making decision too. Or, we will have the same problem in the past with our fist black president. Where it only last for a few years and then things go back to normal because we didn’t set up a solid foundation of change. Black and minorties are talented and I respect all of them for what they do. But, we need to make sure we own the shares of Walt-Disney.