Why is Facebook worth a half of Trillion Dollars???

How is it possible that a social media network can be worth 10 times the GDP of my state of Rhode Island? I mean what product or service does it offer? California is one of the largest states and its GDP is only 1 trillion dollars. How valuable is influence? I know that I am asking a whole lot of questions. But, the point of this blog is to bring some topics to light.I know this won’t be as successful or interesting as the breakfast club or a popular reality show.

I will mixing up my street knowledge with some economical and social issues. If we share are information with each other and build a strong network it can be worth more than the GDP of many small nations. Unemployment? Please, lets network and find ways to solve problems without a middle man. I will keep this one short because I am the only writer of this blog and there is so much to cover.