Why Does Emotional Intelligence Matters?


We all want to be the smartest with great technical skills. However, can we really be a great leader if we don’t control our emotions and truly about others emotions. I have been working on this skill my entire life. How to become the better me? How not to let negative people bring me down? Also, how to see the best in all people? Its fine, that we are have different personalities and beliefs. If we can start to accept diversity and see the world how it really is, then emotional intelligence will become easier to deal with. How do we take the time to listen to others and not judge them? I don’t think this is only about being a great manager but being a decent human being. If we can learn how to separate our capitalism side from our natural side then the world can be a better place to live. I been looking for balance my whole life of humor and seriousness. I agree, that there is a time to work and a time to let loose and enjoy yourself. The more we depend on technology and computers the less we act like humans. The more we connect to each other and create our own church networking scheme the better. Yes, automation is dominating and people are spending billions to remove jobs for everyone. Where the only people that will be able to get a job will be software engineers. Only, if we stop and provide a new value that can only be done by humans “True Emotions”.