Why Are We Still Paying 200 Plus for Cable in 2018 for a basic package???


Well, for me the reason I pay 200 dollars at min. for my Verizon cable bill is because of the internet. This has been the case for the past ten years. When is a company going to start a direct to home internet package. What’s the point of having Netflix if you still have to for cable. I spend more time on youtube, podcast and netflix than watching television. Netflix has done a great job of charging a low price for such a great product. How were they able to screw over movie makes like Napstar did to the record companies? I don’t know how you can make a movie for 50 million dollars and stream it for free? Just when you thought the things Jesus did was amazing. But yea, the other things that are keeping me with cable would be network series and documentries. Showtime, HBO, Stars are my favorite. You are able to watching boxing, the series power and billions. However, my budget for entertainment is very experience. Thank god Youtube is free, imagine giving them big money we would all be poor. I think should re name Youtube to Youtube university.