Where are African Americans Working in 2018?

imageOk, Lets just start of by saying I had to bring in the pictures because according others people only pay attention when they can see a visual. I can understand that because I would rather watching TV all day than read books all day. So, I was just thing which companies are employing “African Americans”. I have listed the top companies below. Also, I will drop the link to the website on here and Twitter. Hey, I am about research and leaving my followers references. I won’t source to the extreme like they made me do during my masters degree but deff, lets you see where I am getting this stuff from. I pretty much will share everything I learn and hand it over for free. We are living in a information age where there is so much stuff to read and not enough time in the day. However, I will try to consolidate some important topics to make you think and hopefully respond. I am only writing from my small perspective, please don’t take anything that I write as proof or completely true. So, Listed below are the top places that employs black people. And no disrespects to these companies, because I think its awesome that they are being open minded and hiring people from different races. These brothers in the picture can be the future of “Foot Locker” and hopefully get a CEO type of job in the future. It’s not about the job you have but the opportunity that the job provides. In my experience what has frustrated me and other minorities is not the job but the opportunity for growth. Please read the other post where I break down how to demand higher pay.

  • Fed Ex, Healthcare, Footlocker, Hotel & Restaurants, Marriott International, Quicken Loans, Aflac and At&T.

Now, the healthcare industry is probably the best paying out of all these jobs. There are a lot of minorities become nurses, social workers and other admin jobs in the hospitals. Will these jobs be exported in the future out like the other industries? Well, lets keep thinking and prepare ourselves.