Top 5 States Rolling in Marijuana Cash

I think this is very interesting topic being a person that use to participate especially during my college years of some good pot. I mean seriously, pot and booze are a create combination of fun. But, I have seen the quality spike to all time lows in the past years. I am not saying you should or should smoke pot. Its just ironic that people use to be scared to death and paranoid of getting caught picking up a bag from your dealer. Now, with a 25% tax its “all good”? Maybe, its time to give it up and move on to something greater if you are an old head like myself.

Well, I am going to list the top 5 states here. The average rate is 10% but really? I am pretty sure its like 25% because there are still going to be people that buy off the black market. You know the really old heads that smoke that “low quality” grass with the load smell and funny after taste. I mean if you going to smoke you mines will get the high quality engineered stuff. You know the weed that can put you in or make you feel like your having a panic attack 🙂

The total estimate revenue is 10 Billion dollars according to sources. I mean that a lot of working capital that could be used for infrastructure or to create a business. How do we put that money to work and open up capital for people to start working? Instead of putting 10 Billion there lets pool our money and start some projects that can give millions of people an opportunity to take care there families. Its funny because when you individually waste money it doesn’t seem big. But, when its million of people its like lets crowd source that somewhere else. With the African American Unemployment at like 50% or maybe higher. Might just be a great idea.

  1. Cali
  2. Texas
  3. Florida
  4. New York
  5. Illinois