Shanghai, China


Is it just me or are we all living in a delusion regarding United States superior to other countries. well, it makes sense that other countries are building empires that sits on top of ours. In my state our little cities don’t really impress and building were built hundreds of years ago.

It only makes sense that China is building mega churches 🙂 They got the money flow, when we spend most of our cash buying stuff from wal-mart and other large U.S firms. I remember when the documentaries came out years ago and small business owners were complaining about the massive growth of Walmart stores. At that time I’m looking at them like ” com’on guys cheer up we are going to buy stuff we don’t need for cheap, I mean who doesn’t want cheap goods right? That’s capitalism at its best, our jobs are gone but who cares we can buy stuff with money we can’t earn.

So, the point to this blog is to think about how can we as American’s fight back for our future equality. If we want our industries back and find ways to compete with other countries we can hit the “restart” button and start building beautiful cities like China. I know some people say we don’t want those jobs. But who are we kidding? The more money in our pockets the better. What will we look like in 20 years if we continue down this road?