Is the Main Stream Media in The Business of Selling Fear?

It seems like you can’t even turn the TV on without being bombarded with fear tactics. I am not going to lie I was like the most people calling people up and discuss the last bad thing that happened. But, what does this fear do to us? Does it makes more happy? Does it make us more productive or kinder people? The news don’t change its been reporting all the bad things that happen to us everyday for years. Its up to us to turn our backs to it and find more positive things to put our minds on. There need to be balance in our media. If we are only watching things of destruction and then what will that make us? Don’t get me wrong, I love to watch a video of people fighting or acting  fool every now and then. But, we can’t make it a habit. There are more important things going on that we need to address as humans. I will keep this one short.. “More to Come..”