How to Negotiate Your Salary like a CEO

I have worked in the Corporate industry for roughly 7 years. I was amazed by the benefits of being a Corporate office. you get a company car, black-berry cell phone “remember those”, an American Card and laptop. The ability to make deals and travel around the world is like being a famous athlete.

But, does this CEO type individuals have the same kind of salary package as your typical employee? I would say no, they normally sign non-complete agreements, insane stock options warranted to them for performance. These stock benefits are at par value compared to current prices.

Well, my CEO would always bolstered about being a servant leader and being the CEO of your own life. So, if that’s true when you get the opportunity to negotiate your salary make sure you only accept a great offer. Do you research and come to the interview prepared with questions. There is nothing better than “knocking a interview dead”. I know I discuss starting your own business. But reality is, everyone won’t have the proper resources to do so. Also, depending on how you look at it working for a company is sort of like working for yourself. I mean you are partnering with a business to earn money.

The benefits of working for a company versus starting your own business is the risk factor. The reason that you don’t get the big bucks is because your not take the same amount of risk as the business. For some people they don’t want to take too much rich and make a good pay to take care of there family. If this is the case, do your due diligence and achieve a price that makes you and your family proud.