Guess Who is Dominating the Fast Food Business ???

59e682f6909924d2008b473d-750-563.pngJust a quick disclaimer, I don’t well I haven’t really been eating fast food. But after the gym and you hungry looking at a picture won’t hurt right? Look at that picture, I just want to grab a fry and some of that polynesian sauce lol. Well, how it was calculated of who dominated the fast food industry in the United States was by comparaing data of store visited compared to total stores divided by all the stores in the state. Please don’t check my math on this. However, more money is being made by Chick-Fil-A then the rest. Some honorable mentions are listed below.

  1. McDonalds ( Can you believe they got ride of the HC- Drink??? I mean it goes so well with a big mac fries and fudge sundae)
  2. In-N-Out (we need some of these on the east coast)
  3. Popeyes (Always order this fresh, taste so good )