Does Silicon Valley Hire Blacks and Women???


Now According to sources Google Workforce is 70% male and 2% Blacks? I can understand that out of 100 employees 12% should represent the blacks and 50 percent would represent gender gaps. So, How do we achieve balance? I don’t think that Women are unqualified and shouldn’t be so underrepresented. The only way we can improve and see future growth as a society is to reverse stereotypes. Where maybe our next 10 presidents will be either spanish or black women?

How do we get a change if everything reminds the same. We need different types of people in management. We already know what past demographics did when given power? Well, they created a system that is very complex and you have to be a genius to get a high paying job. The top 1% has majority access to the resources available. How do we implement  representatives from the lower class with emotional intelligence to feel some of these influential roles?