Marketing Strategies for Independent Rappers….

The major difference between my company New Influence, LLC and other companies is the freedom of voice. Trust me, I did my bid of 5 years of Corporate working under people that are privileged and disconnected from reality. I was the first generation college graduate like most minorities in the United States. Its the humble roots that help you relate to other people problems. When I was in grade school I was free to crack jokes and just live life care free. I played basketball with hoop dreams and rap dreams. What is better than becoming a professional basketball player or rapper?

After, not reaching my first goals of becoming a famous rapper or basketball player reality kick in. It sucked!!!, nobody like to face failure especially when its looking directly in your face. I don’t know whats worst being motivated or just accepting the easy route in life. The reason, why this blog is necessary because I’m learning that when conducting business with other you need to understand the person. How many have business partners such as banking accounts, grocery stores we shop at, brands we wear-not knowing anything about the people behind the business.

If we don’t start to question all of our daily moves there will be pain at the end of the road. Its my objective to help people even if it means not making six figures or living a fantasy goals like I had as a youth. This time around instead of setting goals that are based on being the best me; i rather set goals on help to improve the lives of others. At the end of the day its people that provide you with happiness. Nobody, wants to have the world with nobody to share it with. Also, its always been a passion of mines to share information with people younger than me.

We as a society as created so many  barriers where you only can get a job if you talk or look a certain way. Its 2018 and we are still a very conservative country. When are we going to change our management styles. Its like we have all this technology but we don’t even use it. We should be focus on emotional intelligence and finding ways to empower people to become there best “self”.

Now, Sorry for the rant… This will apart of the blog, We need some fillers if I am to keep you entertained. In regards to independent rappers, technology has created a outlet where you don’t need a big budget deal video by hype williams to sell records anymore. I think people were paying north of a million dollars for a video. Now, you can buy you a cheap camera and instantly upload the video to youtube and geting millions of followers and likes. The future of independent rappers will answer the question if they will even need streaming services? These rappers are very talented and create beautiful content to be giving away for free?

I have a few marketing ideas for rappers that don’t want to count on popular streaming services for marketing. You can use your social media platform or find out a way to team up with some computer engineers to build one. And then, get paid directly for your streams. Just some ideas from New Influence,LLC always thinking outside of the box. Hey, add some thoughts people…