Should NBA Players own Shares in there Teams?

Since this is black history month, its only right that we talk about our blog main topic of self-help and owning your own business. It just means that, the worker gets a fair share at the gains the business earn. In the case of the NBA, why don’t the players get shares in the team or options depending on there performance like large Corporations offer their employees?

Should they really have to wait until their career is over to buy 10% if that. In the case of Donald Sterling, he was a known racist that owned the La Clippers. Black History month was created we recently found out 50 years ago. In those long years we still have increased black ownership in the league that is most represented in both fans and players of African American Decent.

Once gain, this blog is about self-employment and owning your own business. Being able to control your own destiny. Not only working for your business but trying to own some of the shares. There are great companies out there that allow there employees to get a fair share in the business. Also, there is a big difference between entertainers and regular citizens. Everyone including myself doesn’t have the skills needed to be top 1% of competitive markets such as sports, music and a few more.

And, this blog is about finding a way out for people that are not talented rappers, basketball players or other popular gigs attracts numbers. Its great to have dreams of making it to the NBA; and for the 1%ers that actually make it can’t possible understand how hard it is for average folks. And when I say that, its not including everyone, I understand there are exceptions to the rule. But, I think sometimes talented people can forget really fast how hard it is to make a dollar.

Well, tell me what you think ? Please add to this discussion in the comment section.