James Watkins founded  New Influence, LLC three years ago, aspired by the need to become innovative and self-employed. He is happily married to his wife Ashley Ann Watkins a licensed Social Worker. He has one child Aliah Maysoon Watkins.

New Influence LLC, has client contracts with engineering firms across the world that design and develop electronics for both import and export purposes. New Influence, LLC is a Marketing firms which offers mostly sales and marketing strategies to help clients in reach revenue goals.

James Watkins has more than ten years of business experience. After, graduating from Sacred Heart University in 2008 with a undergraduate degree in Accounting. He quickly joined a fortunate 500 business in the construction industry. The past five years has been spent earning masters degrees in both Marketing and Leadership. Also, starting his first private business New Influence, LLC.

James Watkins core values have evolved over the past years after working in the fields of Finance, Economics and Marketing. As a 33 year old James Watkins strongly believes the younger generations motivations are different than the status quo or older generations. The Millennial generation value independence, social responsibility and personal growth. In living in the informational age each individual is motivated to become self-efficient and start their own business or career path.

Millennials Social-Economic Partnership is about the younger generations creating a focus group that provides a medium for communication to the status quo. This group of people will share common values of wanting to control their on destiny, self improvement and lastly making the world a safer place to live for our children. We will not become content with the current system but aim to discuss ideas in the areas of business, health, sociology, economics and other important fields that are vital to our survival as humans. If we don’t come together to discuss issues that are not represented by people of power then they will be ignored or forgotten.

This blog will be a open forum that will bring intelligent minds together to discuss issues that are important to the group core values. This group is fully inclusive and will not allow any racism or sexism or any kind of hate to be publicized on this website. If you are not willing to be positive and work as a team please don’t join or contribute.

We are currently looking for bloggers to add content. If you are interested in joining our team please reach out to James Watkins at God Bless you and have a wonderfuld day!!!